Contract Address: 0x389cd4F0cF3805B7F78fEF86Cb858baff8F4c906

March 16th, 2024

ACTN Token On Arbitrum

Please be advised that we are implementing the following changes to the ACTN chainlist and supply in order to support further development of the Action DAO, as well as the upcoming Action Blockchain (L2 or L3).

ACTN Burn & Mint:

1). Burn 150,000,000 ACTN (*Avalanche).

2). Burn 150,000,000 ACTN (*Ethereum).

3). Mint 300,000,000 ACTN (Arbitrum One).

*All existing ACTN on the Avalanche and Ethereum blockchains will be effectively destroyed by these burns.

ACTN Distribution Post Burn and Mint:

1). 150,000,000 ACTN (BEP2O).

2). 845,000,000 ACTN (Native).

3). 300,000,000 ACTN (ERC20).

4). 150,000,000 ACTN (PLG20)

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