5000+ community members have deposited more than 180,000,000 ACTN to our community staking pool!

The wallet addresses for 3 of our dedicated community nodes have been shared below, so that you may see them earning block rewards in realtime 😄. Community Node 1: R9sWPEZTLoQtjyanxBmVwyLpDkTtaMSr1z Community Node 2: RXFgQKjYX2EUiapWriERnWEbXt8mSFd72N Community Node 3: RYPhXmwaQMCk2nY1WRsG6dFoB5JPSMXMYc

Community Node 4:


Questions & Answers
  • How do I participate? Simply login to the website and any existing balance is automatically activated for staking: https://actioncoin.com

  • How often are the block rewards paid out? ACTN rewards are automatically paid out daily.

  • Is my balance safe? YES. In fact, your balance on our website is guaranteed (as long as your account isn't hacked due to a weak or stolen password, or other reasons beyond our control).

  • What if I want to stake on my own? Go for it! We highly encourage members to setup their own staking systems. But keep in mind that it takes time to setup and maintain a staker 24/7, plus you will need to stake millions of ACTN to earn block rewards consistently.

  • Is my ACTN locked? No. You may withdraw it, use it to buy an NFT, pay service fees, or whatever you like, at anytime. Keep in mind that you only earn rewards when your balance is greater than zero!

  • How much will I be rewarded for having an ACTN balance? Based on early staking results (from community node 1), and anticipated growth, we have set the daily reward to 0.00021 ACTN for each coin that you hold in your hot wallet, on our main website.

  • Are there any minimum or maximum deposit amounts? No. We will distribute all block rewards evenly, amongst all participants. Your share of the rewards will be determined by the ACTN held in your hot wallet on our main website.

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