Our original whitepaper may be viewed here. This document is being provided for historical purposes only, and while some of the original concepts remain the same, or better (such as the ACTN distribution plans), many items are no longer valid. Please review all past social media posts for major events.

July 16th, 2023: Updated whitepaper (2023-2030) released. This whitepaper is issued in accordance with the terms & conditions as provided by the Action Coin Platform website. Please visit our Terms & Conditions page to learn more about the possible risks and limitation of liability.

The Action Coin platform was originally conceived as a travel rewards program based on the crypto-asset known as Action Coin ("ACTN").

Modelled after traditional rewards programs such as Airmilesโ„ข in Canada, ACTN was to function as the "points" in our system, and on our marketplace, complete with the added benefits of a semi-decentralized digital asset.

Tens of thousands of people earned ACTN rewards by signing up on our website, participating in our referral program, or by engaging in community activities such as staking. Some individuals traded other digital assets (such as Bitcoin and Ethereum) for their ACTN.

Moving Forward

In early 2022, we decided to hard pivot, focusing on gaming and sports. This movement is both relevant and timely.

Gaming and sports unites people from all communities and cultures; with the evolution of web3, and the Metaverse, we are now preparing to take full advantage of the opportunities that are projected for this massive space.

With that in mind, we intend to continue building and improving a rewards ecosystem based on ACTN, as well as an array of products and services related to decentralized digital assets and currencies that will span the gap between reality and virtual reality.

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